Thanks for your participation!

Thank you for coming to the workshop “Visible Active Learning-International Baccalaurete and PBL- held in 27 Feb 2016 with over 60 participants!

We held the event as below at 301 Toyosu-Kousha,  Shibauara Institute of  Technology:

Masuhiro Inoue Advisor to the president and professor of department of computer science and engineering.
About the Project Based Learning, GTI: rubrics and e-portfolio system and PDCA cycles in learnings.


「PBL on Rubrics」
Yutaka Ito Chief of the Seigakuin High School.
PBL has changed the learning society. Problem solving and team PBL has changed the people, and autonomy of learners has been focused on. We also have several projects in out fo classes and good presentations in our open school events. Teachers made rubrics by theirselves and have been using CEFR in English learning.


“Model House Project”
Midori Ito (Director of Project Management Incubation Society. PMP®@PMI)
Project managers, having International license, PMP®@PMI, have challenged the workshop held in educational organization in Tokyo, and today you can experience the method “PBL on PM” through the workshop with lego. In schools we introduced to make rubrics for classes and making records in the projects. Students can experience the project management methods. We have established the true educational method of PBL.


・Active Learning
(International Bacclaurete methods)
“History and Theory of Knowledge”
Datta Shammi Senri & Osaka International Schools of Kwansei Gakuin
Model open history class for making learners to  researchers through the method of active learning and international baccalaurete. Full of real student real presentations and theses of DP. Key Question: who made histories leads you good discussions and opinions in your groups.


“Data of International Learning: Learning Logs”
Tomio Yanagisawa Educational consultant. Director of PMAI. A lecturer of Kanto-gakuin Univ.
Key of International Baccalaurete or PBL methods is the learning logs. Introducation onf the actual rubrics in ordinary shools in all curriculums. Successful e-portfolio system needs its foundamental learning logs of each learners. We need to maintain the learners’ learning logs to create our decade learning system is well done.”i-TanQ” : personal learning record system will be another solution to get learning logs. International Learning Program Committee will have feasibility studies in this season.

We had small party after the event.
Key speaker was Kazuya takahashi Junior & Senior High School on Kogakuin University.GlobalTeacherPrizeTop 10.

Thanks for you attendance!

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Hosted by:International Learning Program Research Committee
Sponsored by: Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
Co-operated by: Roundtable com, Inc. and NPO Project Management Incubation Society

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