The learning log project has started at Keio Futsubu School!

Round Table Com, Inc. has started to offer the learning environment with “i-create”(educational SNS) and “i-TanQ”(learning log application) to the students.

All 3rd year students will join the project.

They will try to study in a multi language environment during the elective course called “Plurlanguage”.

Teachers of English, German and Italian will support the Project Based Learning environment in which students can achieve in the project throughout the year.

They will be focusing on the differences in cultures by languages, and also researching themes of advertising methods in society.

We offer our support and look forward to enjoy seeing what sort of projects they will create and how they keep their learning logs.
We will start the learning environment with the learning logs!

Keio Futsubu School

Keio Futsubu School

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