A case where “SDGs for Your Class” was held in an actual class

A teacher who participated in the workshop “SDGs for Your Class”, which the International Learning Program Research Committee provided for teachers on March 31, 2018, gave us a report that a similar workshop was immediately put into practice in middle school classes.

“I carried out the activities that I experienced at the SDGs workshop in my moral education class, and the students’ works are displayed on the corridor. Last year, the students made video about peace as preparation for visiting Hiroshima and Tohoku on a project tour for junior high school second graders. This year, we expand the scope, find themes from SDGs, carry out activities to solve problems and visualize the whole process. “ by Chiho Nakagawa, teacher at Junior High School of Kogakuin University


In “SDGs for Your Class”, the participants write out the social issues that they brought on sticky notes, gather those notes into groups according to 17 SDGs and draw a map so as to understand at a glance how solving respective tasks relate to other goals.

We are delighted to be able to provide workshops that can be utilized in junior high school students’ classes. We will continue to expand this kind of network in the future.

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