Invitation to the 2019 RTC year-end party (25th anniversary party)

This time has come again this year. Thank you very much for everyone.

This is Yanagisawa of Round Table Com, Inc.
  It’s the annual announcement of the year-end party.
  I hope that the end of the year will be a new business opportunity.
  It may be a busy time of the New Year, but if you have time, please come by all means.
This year, we also have a 25th anniversary party. By all means, we hope to deepen your interaction with everyone on this chance.

We continue to challenge the education industry with small wedges.

With gratitude, and also for your business,
  We invite you to a party where you can introduce our network.

We had various people this year. Thank you for your cooperation.
 Also, various projects have been launched.
 This year, we
 ・ SDGs Point Labo @ Japan
 I am looking for serious SDGs projects in each region. We also accept applications for use at local government-related events.
 We are also a member of the Cabinet Office SDGs Future City Platform and is expanding its network.
 As a joint project with the Asahi Shimbun, etc., we developed a drill problem for the “SDGs Supporter Training Course“, including the supervision of university professor.
 We rented the venue of the United Nations University and provided workshops for children.
 We were accompanied by SDGs training tours at schools, and We were able to help children take action.
 ・ As an activity of Active IP Media Labo, SDGs Point Labo@ Japan, I was in charge of an article on the media release on the AFPBB site of the French national news agency AFP communication regarding the activities of Global Compact Network Japan.
 With the support of Shinagawa Ward, we have started operation of an owned site “STI for SDGs @ Gotada Valley” that specializes in the SDGs activities of venture companies mainly in the information and communications industry in the Shinagawa and Gotanda areas.
 ・ We proposed the use of the SDGs and educational network to improve the concept of the bids for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
 ・ The BBcoach Project has increased the number of participants and the number of companies that can support it. A recent trend is that more companies are supporting activities on the theme of the SDGs.

Thanks to you, the BBcoach Project, a project-based learning contest supported by everyone’s support, is the 17th this year.
  With the help of volunteer staff, we continue to take on new challenges.
  Students are actively creating projects and entering contests.
  We will continue to actively develop projects that connect companies and school sites.
  We will also use part of the membership fee of the year-end party this time.
  I would be grateful if you could ask your friends to talk to you.

The date and time: From 7:00 pm on Monday, December 02, 2019
  Location: Chef Tender (Gotanda)
  1-17-7-501 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
  TEL 03-6450-4237
  Emergency contact: 090-3046-5556 (Yanagisawa)
  Membership fee: 10,000 yen
  (Some will be used as operating expenses for the 17th BBCoach Project of the project-based learning contest.)
  (If you participate more than once from the same organization, we will give a discount, so please do not hesitate to tell us.)
  (University-related, school-related, student discount available. Please apply in advance.)

Business card exchange: On the day, please exchange your business cards without being separated from the top and bottom like a knight (knight) gathered at a round table in the medieval UK.
  In addition, each student will have 1-2 minutes of self-promotion.
  If you have leaflets or pamphlets that can be advertised, please hand them over to the person in charge on the day.
  Gift exchanges are also welcome.

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