Stay tuned on FM Shinagawa! Publicize the activities of SDGs at educational sites.

We are on FM Shinagawa station in Shinagawa-ku on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

There is a program in the Shinagawa Ward public relations frame. As part of the Shinagawa Ward’s social contribution product support project, we have introduced our SDGs active local point system “L-TanQ” and publicize our activities at educational sites on the theme of SDGs.

Introduces the creation of “L-TanQ” as a system to visualize new SDGs projects born mainly from children.

The outline of the SDGs is also provided to make it easier for general audiences to understand, and examples of bids for the Olympic and Paralympic Games are introduced. The Shinagawa Ward Board of Education reported that SDGs officials were born this spring and are taking on new challenges.

Finally, we emphasized that it is necessary to accumulate and analyze data in order to build a school for the future, and we will end with news of contests limited to learners in Shinagawa district and events sponsored by Shinagawa City.

Thanks to Mr. Shinoda and Mr. Ariga of Cable TV Shinagawa, and Mr. Yukari Kannari of the narrator.

It was also posted on the Shinagawa City website!
[Wednesday, November 13, 2019] Tomio Yanagisawa, President of Roundtable Com, FM Shinagawa, Inc. appeared.

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