Announcement of the award winners of the 4th “SDGs ・ AFPWAA STUDENT WORKSHOP” for junior and senior high school students



AFP World Academic Archive (AFPWAA) is a service that provides Japanese educational institutions with a database of news photos, video images, etc. distributed by AFP News Agency in France.

  AFPWAA is holding a workshop this year in support of the SDGs (17 goals and 169 targets for sustainable development) adopted at the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015.

Each elementary, junior and senior high school student who participates in the workshop selects a news photo according to the SDGs goals that will be assigned to the subject, and creates a work with a Japanese title and commentary.

AFPWAA Official “Instagram” (Delivering all entries)

− Announcement of the 4th award-winning works and general comments –

4th SDGs Point Labo @ Japan Award
(Supplementary prize: UN SDGs pin badge)

“Collision and its impact”

Palestinian amputees Mohammed Eliwa, 17, who lost his leg during clashes on the border with Israel, plays football on the beach in Gaza City on August 20, 2019. (Photo by MAHMUD HAMS / AFP)

[Work] Reason for choosing photo


[Seisoku Gakuen High School]

Judge: Tomio Yanagisawa (CEO of Round Table Com, Inc.)

A silhouette with a beautiful sunset in the background. However, if you look closely, the background behind it is unimaginable. Perhaps it is an important attitude to do personal affairs in the wake of a photograph that captures such a moment. Indeed, everyone is thinking, “I want to think about what I can do.”

Honorable mention

“Smile shining in agony”

Displaced Iraqi children peak from behind a sheet at al-Khazir camp for the internally displaced, located between Arbil and Mosul, on July 30, 2019. (Photo by SAFIN HAMED / AFP)

[Work] Reason for choosing photo


[Saki Nemoto, Nihon University Tohoku High School]

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