Implementation of SDGs introduction class at Oota Ward Yaguchi Junior High School

November 15, 2019 (Fri) We provide SDGs introduction class for third-year students of Yaguchi Junior High School in Ota Ward.

In Ota Ward Yaguchi Junior High School, as a part of career education, teachers from different subjects cooperate to challenge classes on the SDGs. This is the second of ten lessons.

It is being promoted in the general framework of “know” → “think” → “act”.

The first is a briefing class on SDGs from a third-grade teacher. Utilized information on the Internet to browse videos, etc.

And this is the second time. The teachers requested that they answer the sincere questions of the children, “Why now the SDGs?” And provide them with information that they can drop into their own affairs.
The following examples were introduced, including information on surrounding areas as much as possible under the themes of “Japan’s country and SDGs”, “Japanese companies and SDGs”, “Japanese regions and SDGs”, “Japanese schools and SDGs”, and “Self and SDGs”. .
Finally, ask them to write down a statement about what they can do by 2030.

Classes were provided in one class of third graders, but the system was distributed to each class, and all classes participated.

The library librarian seems to be cooperating, and the SDGs section is set up in the corridor, and it is impressive that children can easily reach books.

Since we have already acquired rubric data in the first class, we want to keep an eye on what talents can be developed in these 10 classes until the end.

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