SDGs curriculum producing project for Shinagawa City Fujimidai Junior High School

With the introduction of the Shinagawa City Board of Education, we are working on the SDGS curriculum producing project for the start of April 2020 with the teachers of Shinagawa City Fujimidai Junior High School from the fall of 2019.

Shinagawa City has a special curriculum for citizenship. In addition, with community schools being actively promoted, it can be said that it has become easier to connect with local communities and cooperate with companies.

Therefore, we propose a curriculum in which children can plan and manage projects on the theme of the SDGs, so that they can master the method of project-based learning.

First of all, rubrics, but some of them were completed in civic studies, so I applied them and proposed them in six stages to make them easier to use.

Next is the annual grand design and curriculum proposal.

We hope that we will be able to develop a curriculum that can be used in the field while consulting with the teachers in the coming days.

This raises students who are studying SDGs for 45 hours at a public junior high school. It is likely to be an activity that will also affect high school and college curricula.

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