For those who are worried about preparing e-Learning environments

If you in education related organizations are concerned about what kind of e-Learning environments should be prepared for children due to the influence of the new Corona, please contact us.

Even if you have a video conferencing system, e-Learning is not perfect. If you rely on a system that limits the time and place (the environment in which you can deliver videos, etc.), we cannot say that no one is left behind. In addition, receiving video lessons from classes will occur a reasonable data usage fee for students.

We would like you to actively consider an asynchronous e-Learning environment at this time.

There are various platforms for e-Learning, from free platforms to charged platforms. There is no doubt that the best environment will be available if you spend money. However, if you would like to consider an e-Learning environment that suits your circumstances, please feel free to contact us.

Our past activities:

2019- SDGs Wroksheet ! which introduced the SDGs worksheet for education created in collaboration with Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. : setup, operation and maintenance of the e-Learning platform moodle
2019- e-Learning server SDGs supporter training course created in collaboration with Asahi Shimbun of the e-Learning platform moodle : setup, operation and maintenance
2019- SDGs active local point system L-TanQ that supports SDGs projects that occur in educational : Development, setup, operation and maintenance
2018- 01 Learning Coach as a server for training coaches : setup, operation and maintenance of e-Learning platform moodle.
2017- AFP English Workshop, an English learning site that uses the contents of AFP, a French news agency : setup, operation, and maintenance.
2016- Learning log application i-TanQ : Development, setup, operation and maintenance.
2012- English learning and coaching server 01e-coach : setup, operation and maintenance of e-Learning platform moodle
2010- PM Gijuku : setup, operation, and maintenance
2008- Keio University Research Center for Foreign Languages ​​Introduction : operation and maintenance of open source e-Learning platform moodle
2008- K-12 Project Based Learning Contest, BBCoach Project : setup, operation and maintenance of open source educational SNS “i-create”
2008-2019 Kanto Gakuin University Faculty of Science and Engineering, Department of Science and Engineering, Video Creation Course : Open Source Education Class practice utilizing class practice on SNS, setup, operation, maintenance of video work distribution server NMB for class
2008, 2009 Kyorin University Faculty of Foreign Languages : ​​Class practice using the open source open source educational SNS
2005-2006 Tama Art University Department of Information Design : Class practice using open source learning community server
2005-2006 Toyama High School : Information Department Teaching Practice Using Open Source Learning Community Server
2003-2007 K-12 Project Based Learning Contest : Open source learning community server of BBCoach Project started
2000-2006: Atmark Inter High School : Development, operation and maintenance of virtual high school system.
1997-2003 Keio Futsubu : elective course “Let’s make a web page!” Learning community server development from scratch, operation, and maintenance

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