Call for Participants! Part 3: “Don’t Stop the Earth! 〜Everyone’s SDGs Conference” 1

This event is for children, parents, and educators who are thinking about learning about the SDGs.
If you are interested in addressing these issues now that you are unable to attend school due to the new corona problem, please join us.
The event will be held at Zoom. Limited to the first 50 applicants.

Date and time: Monday, May 4, 2020, 1:00 p.m. start, about 1 hour
Method: ZOOM conference format
Lecturer: Tomio Yanagisawa, Kyoko Kimura

In the third installment, “Towards a Trash-Free Society: Children’s Initiatives in Oshino Village. Haruko Hinata, who promotes the Zero-Waste Village x SDGs in Oshino Village, and the children of Kids College SAKUYA, a children’s eco-club, will be guest lecturers.

Why don’t you listen to the children of Oshino Village talk about their efforts and think about what you can do?

(The SDGs are the 17 goals to be achieved by 2030, unanimously resolved by the United Nations, and have been taken up in many middle and high school entrance examination questions in recent years.)

To register, please click below.

Parents and children are welcome to join us.

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