ICT, Education & Active Web Solution

Round Table Com, Inc.

We provide support for the education and creation of learning environments with ICT.

Since 1995, we have continuously been at work on connecting ICT, education and the learning environment.

We help to construct the learning environments in structures such as junior and senior high schools, virtual high schools, universities and cram schools.

Our goal is to support the growth of independent learners.

Our activities are focused on:

  1. Learning Logs
  2. Coaching on Learning
  3. Learning Styles

We aim to provide support for the learning environment to help anyone to learn at anytime, anywhere, and create an environment to keep learning with the most advanced ICT.

We are always here for you.

At your service!

We support for creating advanced learning environments with ICT.

CEO Tomio Yanagisawa
Round Table Com, Inc.
Established in 1995.
8-2-10-707 Nishigotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo,
zip 141 0031,