Home learning SDGs!

Round Table Com, Inc. has been pursuing a learning environment that utilizes the Internet since 1995.

This is a suggestion for learners whose school has been temporarily closed.

Why don’t you learn about the SDGs that are becoming a hot topic in the education world now in an e-Learning environment that can be accessed from home? The site “SDGs Supporter“, which can read the “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and which anyone can access, also has a preparatory learning course to challenge the drill problem created by Round Table Com, Inc. and Asahi Shimbun. doing.

The SDGs Worksheets for your Class provides worksheets developed by Round Table Com, Inc. and Nomura Research Institute for students planning SDGs projects.

The STI for SDGs @ Gotanda-Valley also has articles that cover the attitudes of startups innovating, which are accumulating in Shinagawa Gotanda Osaki, to address social studies issues.

By all means, why not consider this opportunity as an opportunity for SDGs learning and study together?

We expect many people to participate.

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