Profile of CEO

CEO Tomio Yanagisawa    tomio2

  • Born in 1960
  • Keio Univ. 1984

Careers History

2020- A Lecturer of Kanto Gakuin Univ. Faculty of Science and Engineering. “Software Design”
2020- A Auditor of AIYFF(Asia International Youth Film Festival)
2018- A Director of SDGs Point Laboratory@ Japan.
2016- A Chairman of International Learning Program Research Institute.
2015- A Boad of Directors of Tomoe Soroban MI Society.
2015-16 A Boad of Directors of NPO Project Management Incubation Society.
2013 A Auditor of NPO Project Management Incubation Society.
2012 A Lecturer of SPP(Science Partnership Project) (JST)
2012-2015 A Lecturer of Ferris Univ.
2011- A Lecturer of Saitama Pref. Education Center.
2011-2017 An Adviser of Career English Island of Tokyo Woman’s Christian Univ.
2011- A Fellow of UFPFF
2011- Staff Member of 3DBiz Society.
2010-2013 A Boad of Directors of NPO Layer Box.
2010-2016 HiPM Leader of NPO Project management Incubation Society
2010 A Executive Producer of Heijo Sento 1300 Anniversary Event.
2008-2019 A Lecturer of Kanto Gakuin Univ. Faculty of Engineering. “Media Workshop”
2008 A Lecturer of  Kyorin Univ.
2005-2007 A Boad of Directors of Shizuoka Film & CG Society
2000-2006 School Principal of Atmark Inter-highschool
1999-2006 Director and Head of the Business Unit of Atmark Learning, Co. Ltd.
2006- A Committee Member of Global Map GSI (MLIT)
2005-2007 A Lecturer of Tama Art Univ.
2005-2013 SSH Committee Member of Toyama High School(JST)
2005-2007 A Citizen Lecturer of Toyama High School
2004 A Researcher of Educational Policy Study of Shiki-shi
2004- A Fellow of Canvas (NPO)
2004- A Fellow of ThinkQuest@Japan
2003 A Researcher of Keio Univ. COE Project(Prof. Ikuyo Kaneko)
2003 The Chief Staff of BBcoach Project 
2003 A member of ALIC(Advanced Learning Infrastructure Consortium)(METI)
1997-2004 A Lecturer at Keio Gijuku Futsubu
1995 Establishment of Round Table Com, Inc. CEO.

Actions History

2019  Shinagawa Ward Fujimidai Junior High School SDGs Learning Grand Design
2018  Launch of SDGs activities in Shinagawa Ward as part of the Shinagawa Ward Social Contribution Support Project
2018  Shinagawa Ward Hino Gakuen SDGs Learning Grand Design
2016  Ehime Prefectural Board of Education “Project for Fostering High School Students to Live and Work Together with the Local Community” School Attraction Project: Creating a rubric
2016  Producing of Joint Session  by Tokyo University of Science + Mapure University of Technology
2016  Producing of London Business Study Tour for Tokyo Woman’s Christian Univ.
2015  Producing  of Philippine Internship Project for Chiba Commerce Univ.
2015  Producing of London Business Study Tour for Rikkyo Univ.
2015  SSH Support for Tokyo Gakugei University Senior High School.
2014  SSH Support for Toyama High School.
2013  Launch of Project Management Study for Toyama High School.
2010-  Development contract from Keio ITC Headquarters
2010-  Construction of Shibboleth server on Moodle and Flash Contents for the National Institute of Informatics
2009-  Maintenance and support of the e-Learning system “moodle” at the Keio Center for the Study of Foreign Languages
2008-2009 Research with Cyber University ‘One Seg University’
2006  Renaissance High School Training (Training of Learning Coaches)
2006-2007  Business Development Consulting Contract for the Strategic Research Institute of Mitsui & Co.
2005-  Establishment of Atmark International High School


2020 Bottom-up SDGs Strategy: Involving Local Economic Cycles in the Field of Education”, a seminar in commemoration of the 15th anniversary of the establishment of NGK Corporation (NGK Japan Revitalization Plan)
2019 Lecturer at Seisoku Gakuen High School: “Learning from SDGs High School Students’ Corporate Partnership Programme (Let’s learn about SDGs through Lake Biwa) Kokuyo Corporation x Kinki Nippon Tourist x Seisoku Gakuen High School – Together we can sustain and do it ourselves. 
2019 Lecturer, SDGs Study Group for Bipartisan Members of Meguro Ward.
2018 Lecturer, Kaichi Nihonbashi Gakuen “How to get along with SNS (LINE etc.)” Active Learning Workshop.
2016-2017  Lecturer,  Yokohama Chuka School “Active learning Workshop: the Risks of Smart Phones.
2016  Ehime Prefectural Board of Education “Workshop: a day of PBL Experience
2014  Lecture at Tokyo Gakugei University Senior High School「PBL Overhead」
2014  Lecture at Taisho University “How to deal with SNS
2014  Lecture at Tama Art University: “Lecture on SNS”.
2013  Lecture “How to get along with SNS” by the Kanto Area Student Life Liaison Council
2012  The Federation of Private Universities of Japan’s quarterly bulletin, “What should universities do with the introduction of SNS”, and a lecture meeting was held on the theme of SNS at universities.
2012  CAUA Panelist: “Examples of SNS use in universities and its potential for future use
2003  Lecture at NIME (National Institute of Multimedia Education).
2003  Lecture at Science Council of Japan.
2003  Lecture at AILA.
2003  Lecture at Interactive Education Society.

Research Papers

2018 Japan Active Learning Society “Support activities for active learning in the study of Solving social problems using local points” Kyoko Kimura, Tomio Yanagisawa
2013 The Society of Project Management “Project Management Secondary Education using School Events – PBL Approach and Practice” Midori Ito, Yutaka Ito, Tomio Yanagisawa, Kazuo Shimizu
2013 The Society of Project Management “A project-based approach to school reform: systematising school activities and proposing a methodology for school reform based on this system” Kazuo Shimizu, Tomio Yanagisawa, Midori Ito, Hitoshi Nishina, Norio Kusunoki, Koutarou Shimizu
2011 The Society of Project Management “Project Management Secondary Education through Collaboration between Industry, Academia and University” Masahiro Inoue, Kazuo Shimizu, Midori Ito, Tomio Yanagisawa, Shouji Owada
2011 The Society of Project Management “Project Management for Secondary Education 1- PBL applying PM to a cultural festival” Midori Ito, Masahiro Inoue, Shouji Owada, Tomio Yanagisawa, Kazuo Shimizu
2011 The Society of Project Management “Project Management Secondary Education Initiative 2 – Project Management Lessons in PBL” Hitoshi Nishina, Midori Ito, Tomio Yanagisawa, Masahiro Inoue, Shouji Owada, Kazuo Shimizu
2011 The Society of Project Management “Project Management for Secondary Education 3 – Assessment of learning outcomes using rubrics in PBL” Asuka Matsumoto, Midori Ito, Tomio Yanagisawa, Kazuo Shimizu, Masahiro Inoue, Shouji Owada
2008 Japan e-Learning Association “A case study of the use of social networking services in communicative English teaching” Hideo Kurabayashi, Tomio Yanagisawa
2007 Japan Telework Society “University Internet TV Steps with learning coaches” Tomio Yanagisawa
2006 Japan Association for the Study of Cooperation in Education “A Dream of BBcoach” Tomio Yanagisawa