We will publish worksheets for learners who are challenging the challenges of the SDGs in the field of education. Please try this worksheet.

To apply for the challenge, please fill out this form and register for the challenge class “For Education:”Worksheets for Creating SDGs Project Partnership” in the worksheet.

If you are challenged with your teachers, ask them to register for the class, so consult with your teacher.

Worksheet for SDGs project & partnership creation.

Phase 2: April 1, 2020 to Jun 30, 2020
Target: All consumers and young people who will be the subject of innovation

Planning: SDGs Innovation Hub
Editing and production: SDGs Point Labo @ Japan
Management: Managed by Round Table Com, Inc.
Supported by Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.

Educational version (edu version)
A worksheet for elementary, junior high and high school students trying to create an SDGs project. (If you do not have a teacher or other administrator, please use this)

Please respond to the “For Education:”Worksheets for Creating SDGs Project Partnership” which can be used for discovering themes of SDGs projects, forming teams, participating in international hackathons, etc.


  • Students will be able to “visualize” and quantitatively evaluate SDGs initiatives by students.
  • An approach to identify challenges in promoting the SDGs through worksheet creation.
  • Find the best international themes and teams to work with various partners.

Entry from here.


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