System concierge and system administrator to maintain the systems of the learning environment.

  1. Keio University (development and implementation of web system)
  2. Center for Research and Education of Foreign Languages, Keio University (maintenance support for e-Learning system)
  3. National Institute of Informatics (development of e-Learning contents on the authentication infrastructure system)
  4. Atmark InterHigh School (school management system, learning log management system 1999-2007)

We provide system-related and marketing-related translation services.

  1. (Fantasista Inc. (Italian and Thai translations of the strategic Cool Japan information dissemination FaceBook Page manga planet) (English-Japanese translation of manga synopses) (Japanese-English and English-Japanese translation of manga)
  2. NPO (translation of English academic papers)
  3. System companies (translation of manuals for overseas systems to be introduced)

In English translation, we manage a group of translators who are mainly graduates of the Department of English Language and Literature in the Faculty of Letters at Keio University.