Report on the 2nd “Don’t Stop the Earth! Everyone’s SDGs Meeting”

April 23rd, 2020 (Tuesday) 1pm to 2pm, Round Table Com, Inc. International Learning Program Research Committee and SDGs Point Labo @ Japan held the 2nd “Don’t Stop the Earth! -SDGs Meeting for Everyone” at Zoom.

As a part of the “Don’t Stop Learning!” project by the volunteer PTA alliance, this project was launched in collaboration with the PTA to provide children with school closures with something they couldn’t normally learn at school.

This time, many teachers and supporting adults participated, and it was a positive meeting to exchange information on projects happening in different parts of the country, and to discuss how we can co-create projects remotely in the future.

First, as a warm-up, we introduced the “SDGs Quiz” that we had prepared for elementary school students. Our “SDGs Supporter” site has a variety of educational materials, including quizzes, to help you learn about the SDGs. You can access the starter course with your guest login, so take advantage of it!

In the “Schools in Japan and the SDGs” program, we started with an example from a high school, “Let’s learn about the SDGs through Lake Biwa!” program, from a teacher who started the SDGs project with volunteer students at Seisoku Gakuen.

Next, as an example of a junior high school, a teacher who was the leader of the SDGs study at Yaguchi Junior High School in Ota Ward, Tokyo, reported on the SDGs study that was carried out in the integrated class during the second and third semesters of last year.

In the second half of the event, there was a heated discussion among participants from various fields of education who are working together to create SDGs projects that will enhance children’s ability to live.

Next time, we will welcome the children of Oshino Village Children’s Eco-Club “Kids College SAKUYA” to talk to us. Stay tuned!

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