We spoke online to a group of students from Iwate Prefectural University!

On Friday 14th May 2021, Mr. Tomio Yanagisawa, CEO of Round Table Com Inc., together with Mr. Inagaki of itaru/taku/COL. spoke to the students of the Faculty of Policy Studies at Iwate Prefectural University about the concept of the Iwate SDGs Future City Project.

On Friday 30th April, during the “Law and Administration Practice A” class, the students received a lecture from Mr. Koji Jitate, Iwate Town Future Creation Division Director, on the past and future of Iwate Town’s urban development, and Mr. Junichiro Fujikura, Iwate Town Policy Advisor, on some of the specific initiatives of the SDGs Future City Co-Creation Project. After the lecture and brainstorming on the theme of “What students can do for Iwate Town”, the students visited Iwate Town and observed the town in two groups.

The talk from our company was conducted online for the students who returned from the visit. Afterwards, the students had a frank exchange of opinions with people in the town.

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