Iwate SDGs Future City Co-Creation Project “Classroom of the Future” 2nd Basic Session – Project Management Experience Report

Round Table Com Inc. is offering a series of workshops in Iwate Town on the theme of the SDGs to develop practical projects in the community.

The second workshop of the basic course was held on Sunday 20th June at a public facility in Iwate Town for the general public, and on Monday 21st June at Numamiya High School for the first and second year students. This time the lecturers went to the site and had a great time learning with the local community! (The lecturer from Tokyo visited with a PCR test)

In the first half, we will discuss: “What is a project? “What is a project manager? “The first half of the day was dedicated to “What is a project?

In the second half of the day, the children had a chance to experience a mini-project with Lego.

The participants were divided into groups of four or five people and each group was asked to think of themselves as a “community development company” and work together to
Involving all the people in the town
In consideration of the natural environment
Revitalise the local economy
They will create a new business idea, build a Lego model of their idea and present it.
In the process, they will also experience the creation of a project document (simple version).

Finally, the finished Lego creations were placed on a map of the real Iwate town.

This time, with the use of Lego and the awareness of project management, I think that the seeds of your project have started to grow into a more concrete image.

Here are some of them.

Local People Participants
“The Ishigami Sauna Project
Problem to be solved: Young people do not stay in the local area.
Project description: To create accommodation and sauna facilities on Ishigami Hill, based on the concept of “nature and people coming together”.

High School Students
“Living with Nature Project
Problem to be solved: increase the population, protect the richness of the land, create a town where people can continue to live, work and grow economically
Outline of the project
Eliminate empty houses
Building a house in the forest (tree house)
Use vegetables and other produce from Iwate for stalls at festivals
Building a food stall street in front of the station

“Iwate Town Pika Pika Project
Problem to be solved: lack of rubbish bins (littering)
Outline of the project
Make a humorous bin (we will give a prize for the design of the bin and the winner will receive a bus/train ticket)
Make posters with children
Place bins in nurseries and children’s halls to encourage children to sort their rubbish.

“Sculptor from Today” project
Problems to be solved: dwindling number of farmers, lack of promotion of restaurants, and the need to have sculptures in the town to experience and enjoy.
Outline of the project
Commission a Japanese sculptor.
To make sculpture more accessible, we will make a kit to make it yourself.

Many other projects have been created. The idea of introducing a points system for eco-bag making and recycling activities was also discussed.

The next workshop will be for the general public on Sunday 4 July and for high school students on Monday 5 July, where they will develop their proposals for companies. They will talk to real companies about their challenges and receive proposals.

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