Iwate SDGs Future City Co-Creation Project “Classroom of the Future”No.3〜 Companies’ SDGs Project Report

Round Table Com Inc. is offering a series of workshops in Iwate Town on the theme of the SDGs to develop practical projects in the community.

The third workshop of the basic course was held on Sunday 4th July at a public facility in Iwate Town for the general public, and on Monday 5th July at Numamiya High School for the first and second year students. Once again, the lecturers travelled to Iwate and three guest lecturers from three different companies joined us online from Tokyo, giving us the opportunity to spend some valuable learning time with the people of Iwate!

In the first half of the day, we listened to presentations from three companies working on the SDGs and were given a topic to discuss.

INES Corporation asked us if we could create a cyber regional game based around the Ishin no Oka Museum in Iwate Town. what are your ideas? We are looking forward to hearing your ideas.

Sinanen Holdings Co., Ltd. asked us for ideas on where micro-wind turbines could be installed in Iwate Town and how the stored electricity could be used. We would be very grateful for your ideas.

On the first day, DNP asked us, “What kind of workshops would you like to hold with children from what countries? What would you like to ask the children in your country? This was the theme of the day.

On the second day DNP asked, “What image do you have of forestry? What kind of educational content would increase interest? We need your ideas! We want ideas!

In the second half of the day, the students were divided into groups of 4-5 students each, who put their ideas together to plan a project and prepare a proposal sheet for the company.

We had a limited amount of time for several teams to present their work.

The “Iwakue” project (proposed by a team of townspeople to Ainess)
A stamp rally around Ishigami no Oka, where visitors can earn points by defeating and joining characters that virtually pop out of sculptures, to get to know Iwate Town and connect with each other through games. It is also used as a disaster prevention network.

The “Micro Windmills” project (a proposal from a second year high school team to Sinanen Holdings)
To create a sustainable town by collecting energy from micro-wind turbines in several locations by users and making it freely available to the townspeople.

“Project to promote the use of recycled paper (proposed to DNP by a team of first year high school students)
Students learn about the importance of forests and increase the use of recycled paper through factory tours and tree planting activities.

Many other proposals have been submitted. All the proposals have been sent to the companies and the companies have given us their feedback.

The next workshop will be a practical one, bringing together townspeople and high school students to experience local currency and SDGs points, to be held on the afternoon of Sunday 1 August!

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