April 14, 2020 (Tuesday) 1:00 pm, Round Table Com, Inc.: International Study Program Research Committee and SDGs Point Labo @ Japan, participate in the “Don’t Stop Learning!” project.

The first project to offer is “Don’t Stop the Earth! ” It will be an event for people, children, parents and educators who want to work on learning the SDGs. If you haven’t attended school due to the new corona problem and want to tackle these issues, please join us. It will be held at Zoom. Up to the first 50 people.

Project: “Don’t Stop the Earth!-SDGs Meeting for Everyone” No.1
Date and time: 1:00 pm, Tuesday, April 14, 2020 ~ 1 hour
Holding method: zoom meeting format
Participation method: Please participate from the following application form.
Organizer: Volunteer PTA Union

Program: 1st theme “Why SDGs now?”

  • SOS from the Earth! (What are SDGs?)
  • SDGs and governments, companies, regions and schools (introduction of initiatives)
  • SDGs and yourselves (Challenge the Good Life Goals!)
  • Discussion (Welcome your own projects!)

Lecturers: Tomio Yanagisawa, Kyoko Kimura

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals to create a better and more sustainable future for all.

At the school site, various projects have already begun nationwide. In addition, middle and high school exam SDGs questions have been dealt with recently.

Round Table Com, Inc. has been engaged in activities that link school sites, companies, and local governments that address SDG issues. This time, we will start working with PTA members.

Activities so far

Parents and children are welcome.

    Don’t Stop Learning!

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